Will Publishers Let AI Edit Video?

Zohar Dayan

“Video has become the driver in monetisation.” Zohar Dayan discusses how the increasing demand for online video content is leading to new innovations in intelligent content-generating software.
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What is Cart Abandonment?

Sing! Cart Abandonment

Have you ever visited a store online, started a purchase, and had to leave it unfinished for any reason? Maybe after some browsing you found a better deal elsewhere, or just didn’t have time to fish out your credit card and complete the transaction. This is called cart abandonment. Everyone has done it, but you may be surprised to learn the impact it can have on a company’s overall sales.

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5 Psychological Concepts That Will Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

Hubspot Graphic

What is FOMO, and how can it help you promote your content through social media? Jacqueline Zenn breaks down the psychological impulses that cause us to chase the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons online, and how to optimise your online presence accordingly. Read More.

6 Essential Considerations for Your SEO Link Building Campaign

Young Professional

“It is virtually impossible to rank meaningfully without external links pointing back to your site.” What sort of websites do you want linked to your site, and how influential will they be to your overall SEO rank? Jayson DeMers of Forbes discusses the top do’s and don’ts when it comes to putting together a quality link building campaign.

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5 Perilous Mistakes that Will Destroy Your PPC Budget

<a href="http://www.business2community.com/strategy/5-perilous-mistakes-will-destroy-ppc-budget-01570621" target="_blank" rel="http://www.business2community Find Out More.com/strategy/5-perilous-mistakes-will-destroy-ppc-budget-01570621″>Two Men Face Off

Could you be competing against your own company in your most recent campaign?  Erin Sagin shares 5 PPC campaigns gone awry – and what can be learned from them in order to maximise conversions and drive sales.

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6 Engagement Boosting Elements You Should Add to Your Email Marketing Campaign.

Person Holding Phone

Top agents from Forbes Agency Council give their insight for getting the highest level of response from an email marketing campaign. How do you go about segmenting your email list for optimal engagement, and what should you offer subscribers in order to drive conversions.

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