How Digital Marketers Use Digital Marketing Tools!

Check out this clever animated infographic which details the fascinating results of last year’s digital marketing survey. Watch Here.

12 Things Not To Do When Using Digital Marketing In 2016

As we move to the quarter way point of 2016, let’s take a look at the 12 things that you should not be doing when using digital marketing this year. Forbes states that failing to identify your target audience, not having a strategy, and forgetting about mobile are the three top things that everyone should NOT be doing this year. They go on to include rejecting SEO, building poor links for the sake of building links, and having no marketing budget on their list of no-nos. Read More.

The imperative for thinking cross-device!

With more than half of Smartphone owners with bank accounts using mobile banking, and almost 60% of online sales for Black Friday coming from mobile devices, it is clear that the future is in cross-device data. From email and research, to purchases and social networking, cross-device is the basis for every action we take as consumers on the internet. Take a look at the fascinating insights that thenextweb puts forward, including the benefits to ecommerce, uninterrupted content, and fraud detection. Read More.

Digital Ad Spending to Surpass TV Next Year.

Next year will mark a major milestone for ad spending, as total digital surpasses TV for the first time, according to eMarketer’s newest quarterly ad spending forecast. In 2017, TV ad spending will total €65 million, or 35.8% of total media ad spending in the US. Meanwhile, total digital ad spending in 2017 will equal €68 billion, or 38.4% of total ad spending. By 2020 TV spending’s share is predicted to drop below one-third of total media ad spending for the first time in the US. Read More.

7 Quick-Hit Campaigner Tips to Streamline Your Email Marketing.

For any business today that relies on online customer and subscriber lists, it’s impossible to monetize that list and grow your user base without an effective email marketing strategy. The PCMag UK gives us their 7 quick-hit tips on how to streamline your email marketing. These include automatic user segments, image mapping, workflows, email triggers and auto responders, as well as social integration and sharing. Each of the tips is well explained and shows the immediate benefit each one can provide. Read More.

Why Snapchat Is The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing!

Snapchat is still a relatively small, ‘niche’ social network, at least compared to Facebook or Twitter, but its more than 100 million seemingly addicted users represent piles of potential customers, and today’s savvy digital marketers want in on the action. As Snapchat’s audience continues to grow and evolve as it has during the past year, it will increasingly become a must-include part of any marketer’s media mix. Read More.