Key Takeaways from Google’s I/O Conference

New Communication apps, Siri’s smarter counterpart, and new developments in virtual reality available later this year. Watch Here.

Twitter Revamps 140-Character Tweet Length Rules

In case you missed it, Twitter has undergone a much-anticipated overhaul of its well-known platform. In addition to other changes, the server will now omit @names, media attachments, and outbound links from counting towards its character limit. According to BBC reporter David Lee, this move is a direct response to a recent levelling-off of new users coming into Twitter in recent months. With the changes to be made later this year, time will tell if the move will be enough to bring in new audiences.  Read More.

“Try Before You Buy Download,” Google’s New Innovation to Transform the App Ecosystem

Among other flashy new devices and innovations at Google’s I/O conference last week, one new development stands out as a potential game-changer for the online community. The introduction of Android Instant Apps- which will give users the ability to stream app content before downloading. “Downloading an app is the single biggest barrier to entry for new app developers,” says TUNE CEO Peter Hamilton. Giving individuals the ability to stream apps may very well be the next big game changer for app developers and users worldwide. Read More.

People-Based Marketing

Digital advertising budgets are growing – but the challenges for brands and media to deliver are steeper than ever. While audiences become increasingly fed-up with online advertising, and cross-device marketing still an elusive concept, Michael Twomey of Signal discusses the importance of “addressable media” or “people-based marketing.” Focusing on “real, known customers, rather than cookies” can be the key to reaching modern digital consumers. Read More.

Why Less is More for Millennials

A recent report by Rapt Media illustrates the generational divide between millennials and older generations when it comes to online advertising. With a vast majority of audiences wary and unresponsive to traditional methods, the numbers point towards a need for new and innovative means to connect with tech-savvy audiences who prefer to discover content on their own. Read More.

7 Content Marketing Predictions for the Rest of 2016

The year may be half gone already but there’s still plenty in store for content marketing, according to Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers. His predictions on new developments in 2016 include VR, Live streaming, user-generated content and their place in the digital marketing community. In his words, “all it takes is one search engine update or immensely popular mobile app to disrupt an entire strategic approach.” In the innovative and ever-changing world of digital marketing, keeping ahead of the curve is key. Read More.