Marketing Attribution: A Brief Introduction



On this week’s Sing! Academy, we take a look at Marketing Attribution. If you are in the digital marketing world then you have heard of Attribution, whether you understand it is another question. In this piece we discuss the challenges, the benefits and provide tips on how to make attribution work for you.


How Can Small Businesses Websites Compete with Big Players in SEO?



For small businesses trying to compete with big websites in Search Engine result pages can be a really daunting task. This article and video gives us tips on how to compete with bigger sites, despite some of the advantages they have and highlights different opportunities that smaller websites can target.

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The Top 5 Questions People have about Content Marketing


Content marketing is used by the majority of marketers but there are still a lot of people who are not sure on the basics. This article will provide you with a clear definition of what content marketing is and will provide you with an overall understanding of it by answering the top 5 most asked questions about content marketing.

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Social Influencer Marketing is on the Rise

downloadInfluencer marketing has recently become a very popular marketing strategy, especially on social media platforms. This article discusses why social influencer marketing is useful with regard to reach and authenticity. It also highlights where brands are running their influencer campaigns and which tactics are most useful.

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How do our biases impact PPC performance?


biases_ppc-850x350This piece questions whether our human opinion can impact or alter PPC performance. Columnist Brett Middleton discusses how through continual use of PPC, you start to develop patterns and favourite tactics to use.  By bringing tools that worked in the past to each new campaign, she questions whether we are limiting our optimization?

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27 Usability Testing Tips to Help You Win More Conversions


2This article shares different tips on how to use usability testing to improve your conversion rate and your overall site. Usability testing will allow you to see how real people actually interact with your websites and landing pages. These tips for usability testing will bring you straight to those behavioural facts so you can grow your conversion rates and reach your sales goals.

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 Real-Time Media Buying is Just the Tip of the Programmatic Iceberg



Programmatic advertising is still not used to its full potential. This article presents opportunities for marketers to improve their programmatic practice and discusses how they can make the most of their programmatic spend by using advanced attribution models to create meaningful data and make informed decisions.

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