How the Google Adwords Auction Works.

Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, provides an in-depth and insightful overview of how the ad auction works. Watch Here.

The Winners and Losers of Google’s New Paid Search Result Locations

As you may have noticed Google have moved ads away from the side of the search results, and have, at times, added more ads on top of the organic searches. So this begs the question what are the negatives and positives associated with these changes. SearchEngineLand’s Larry Kim discusses who has benefited and who hasn’t in his column. The big winners according to Kim are PPC marketers, and searches in positions 3, along with PLA’s. The losers were searches in positions 5 to 11, and of course organic searches. While the winners and losers Kim describes are of no surprise given the announcement, the insights which Kim gives in his articles are very intriguing. Read More.

Instagram Continues Double-Digit Growth

With Instagram continuing to rise in popularity, the Facebook-owned site is now the fastest growing social media site. According to emarketer, Instagram will see growth of up to 15.1% in 2016, compared to 3.1% for other social media sites. The growth of the site has also resulted in bigger profits for its elder brother; Facebook. As of 2016, Instagram will actually account for a 9.5% global share of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue, with this number expected to rise to 14% globally by the end of next year. It seems that Facebook has found yet another way of keeping ahead as the global social media leader, and also keeping its profits booming. Read More.

7 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats from the Past Week

The Adweek’s Christopher Heine talks about what has been happening in the world of digital marketing over the last week. The first of which is Apple winning against the FBI in the court of public opinion. The story unfolded with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook rejecting a court order to disable the iPhone’s auto-erase function, which removes all data from the device after 10 failed attempts to break into it. The story was met with much applause from internet privacy enthusiasts. Heine also looks at advertiser’s lukewarm reception on podcasts, and the continued skyward direction of mobile commerce, to name a few. Read More.

One Area Twitter’s Crushing Facebook: Live Video

Facebook is the undeniable champion in social media marketing. The global giant of social media has always been at the forefront of marketing through in-feed articles, native advertising, etc… However it seems that there may be one area in which Facebook is being outshone; live video. After Facebook launched Facebook Live in January of this year it was expecting to steamroll over Twitter’s version (Periscope), however this has not been the case. Periscope launched in March of last year and was quick to attract a number of big brands, such as Nissan, and Taco Bell. It remains to be seen if Facebook will take over the live video arena, especially with their launch last Friday of the service for android mobile users, having only previously been available on iOS. Read More.

Native Advertising to Dominate Ads by 2020

Native advertising is set to increase by 156 per cent over the next five years and will account for 52 per cent of Europe’s digital display advertising by 2020, according to a new report from Yahoo and Enders Analysis. The ‘Native Advertising in Europe to 2020’ report forecasts sharp growth in spend on native advertising in the next five years, anticipating it will account for three quarters of net growth in internet display. The report attributes native advertising’s explosive rise to shifting user behaviour, particularly increasing use of Smartphones and tablets for content discovery and consumption. As a result, the majority of growth in native spending will be on mobile, with €8.8 billion of spend forecast across Europe by 2020 – almost six times the €1.5 billion spent in 2015. Read More.