What is Long-Tail SEO? Targeting Low-Volume Keywords

Rand Fishkin Moz.com

What is Long Tail SEO, and how can it help your website’s ranking? Marketing guru Rand Fishkin delivers the rundown on targeting low-volume, high-specificity keywords, and how to incorporate them into your marketing campaign without breaking your budget.

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Generating Leads Through Landing Pages

Generating Leads Through Landing Pages.

If you have a recent PPC or paid ad campaign that has been getting plenty of clicks, but few conversions or sales – then it’s time to start optimising your website with strong landing pages. What is a landing page, and how can they help you generate quality leads and sales? In this week’s Sing! Academy, we go over what makes a quality landing page, and what they can do for your business.
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7 Adwords Extension to Improve PPC Conversion Rate

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What are Adword Extensions and what can they do for your PPC campaign? By adding valuable real estate to your PPC ads at no extra cost, ad extensions can be just the trick to make an ad stand out and generate web traffic more likely to convert.

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4 Content Marketing Insights for Mobile

Woman Holding Mobile Phone.

Mobile is rapidly overtaking desktop as the primary means that the general public uses to access the internet today. Ad element is most important for generating clicks on mobile? What makes a piece of content likely to be shared? This and more as Ray Beharry gives his insight on what this means for the business-minded individual today.

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Why Stories are Critical to Inbound Marketing Success

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“By nature, our brains crave stories.” Jennica Torio invites us to consider the compelling nature of storytelling when it comes to creating marketing content. What makes a story personable, and how to know when incorporating emotion can be the stronger tool for engagement over charts and tables.

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Choosing Your Facebook Advertising Method

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With its highly-personalised bank of user data, Facebook can be a critical resource for reaching your campaign’s target audience. But where to begin? Monica Lay discusses the different methods of reaching your consumers through the social media giant, and what to keep in mind when planning your marketing strategy.

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