Sing! Digital Marketing Ireland Wins The Spiders 2023 Best Event Campaign

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Modesty is the best policy – said nobody ever!

It’s not often we scream and shout but we’re ecstatic (still reeling with shock) from our Massive win at the Spiders 2023 Awards for “The Best Event Campaign” for our work with The Nightmare Realm.

Here’s a flavor of the stats that got us there:

  • The campaign was their most successful to date. So successful tickets sold out 1 week early.
  • YoY change: Total revenue increased by 122%
  • YoY change: The website conversion rate has increased by 83% from 1.94% to 3.55%
  • YoY change: The combined Cost Per Sale on Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads decreased by 16%
  • YoY change: The ROI increased from 615% in 2021 to 1505% in 2022. (+59%)
  • YoY: The CPC on Google Ads has reduced by 31%

Tickets Sold

YoY Change: The number of tickets sold in 2022 increased by 43% VS the 15% target.

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