Welcome to our latest addition to our blog series of ‘Case Studies 2019’.

Nicola Ross gave us an SEO challenge as a retail store without an e-commerce platform looking to increase footfall.

Business Background: 

Nicola Ross is a business based in Naas, Kildare. The business sells the mother of the bride dresses and has a mainly non-transactional website.


The aim of the client was to get more footfall in the shop, however, they did not have much visibility online which was causing them to lose potential business. They renewed their website at the beginning of 2018 which caused them to lose half of their organic traffic and a sudden dip in rankings for their major keywords.

Identifying the Problem:

 Through our careful analysis & audit of the website, we understood that the problem was related to the website which was not optimised properly for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. In addition, the business was facing a tough challenge in terms of competition from rivals. Therefore, it was important for us to analyse the competitor’s strategy as well.


The major challenge was to move up in the rankings for the major keywords which were very competitive. Another challenging part was to implement all the changes on the website since the business did not have any in house web developer.


Our strategy was to identify the major keywords for the business and optimise the website for these keywords based on Google’s major ranking factors. In addition, we also looked at the keywords used by competitors and other on page & off page techniques they were using.

Techniques Used:

  • Content Generation on the main category pages.
  • Change of urls by following the primary & secondary keyword method.
  • Internal linking of the pages. (Linking high authority pages to low authority pages)
  • External linking of the content based on Google’s Hilltop algorithm.
  • Fixing technical issues. (The site had 200 technical issues including redirect chain, 404 errors, missing canonical tags etc.)
  • Rewriting Meta Data (Title tag, alt text, meta description) by keeping in mind the focus keyword.
  • Generating content through blogs. (Topic research was involved in this along with keyword research). We went with writing 2 blogs a month at least.
  • Backlink Outreach – We rectified the backlink opportunities by doing competitor backlink analysis. Also, we researched on the popular bloggers in the same industry and created a list of people to target for backlinks. This list was passed on the to the in-house PR team to gain important backlinks.


  • 50% Increase in organic traffic.
  • 47% increase in sessions.
  • 45% increase in new users.
  • 4.65% increase in pages/session.
  • A major upward movement in organic rankings on google for all the relevant keywords.
Note: This figures above are for 7 months

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