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Pinterest in Ireland

Pinterest is becoming an increasingly popular social media platform in Ireland, with a 46% increase in social networking users that have an account since February 2015. (IPSOS MRBI) Not only has the number of Irish account holders increased but the monthly activity amongst Irish users has increased by more than 25%. There are over 200 thousand ideas saved each day on Pinterest in Ireland. The surging popularity of the platform has resulted in the launch of Pinterest Promoted Pins in Ireland in the last week of February 2017.

Promoted Pins are only available in a select few regions, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and now Ireland. 


Pinterest Map of Ireland

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is the self-defined world catalogue of ideas. As a platform for discovery it is extremely popular amongst a crafty DIY audience.  Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool, it enables users to discover and save creative ideas, from life hacks to style inspiration anything that is on the internet can be a Pin. Pinterest allows its users to discover things in a simple, effective, visual way. Pinners might find something they’re interested while browsing your boards, scrolling through a category you’re listed in or searching for you directly.

Pinterest Logo


Pins can be saved and organised into boards, boards should contain pins that are all relevant in some way. You can have secret boards (for your eyes only) or public boards that are displayed on your profile and can have multiple contributors. Your boards are collections of your ideas, things you might try, things that you like or things you find Pinteresting. Your Pins and boards live on your profile, after pinning for a while you’ll notice your profile turning into a snapshot of who you are and what you’re interested in!

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a great platform to engage and build relationships with your audience. Pinterest has also developed different tools to assist businesses and help them fully achieve their goals. Some of the business features offered by Pinterest are Buyable Pins (US only), Rich Pins, Promoted Pins and Pinterest Analytics. We’ll discuss these different features in detail, in this article.

To start using Pinterest for Business the first thing you need to do is set up your Pinterest account as a business account, Pinterest have a simple step by step guide on how to do this here. After you create your profile, the next thing you need to do is find your audience on Pinterest and discover how they use the platform and what their interests are.

Who uses Pinterest?

As a business, you already should have an idea of who your target audience is as you should already have some sort of relationship with them, whether that be on Facebook, from your website or offline entirely. Using this basic understanding of your audience should point you in the right direction of where to start on Pinterest – but it is important to remember people act differently in different environments and use different social media platforms in different ways. You should also ask yourself if your target audience is the same audience you want to reach on Pinterest?

Spend time on Pinterest studying your audience, what they’re doing on the platform, what they’re pinning and re-pining, the boards they’re following and creating and who they’re following. A good way to discover some of these elements is by using the search bar and looking up some keywords that relate to your business. From here you’ll be able to discover popular pins, boards and influential people (highlighted in the image below). Pinterest will show you the most commonly searched keywords related to your search underneath the search bar which is really helpful when you decide to begin advertising on Pinterest.

Pinterest Search Feed

Gaining an understanding of your audience can also be achieved through Pinterest Categories. Categories on Pinterest are located beside the search bar at the top of the feed, you can access a list of over thirty categories including things like gifts, hair and beauty, home décor and much more.


Once you choose a category you can see more detailed popular categories and popular pins that your audience is exploring. This gives you a lot of great insights into your audience and how they interact with content on Pinterest.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Account

After you’ve done your research, use some of the popular topics that you discovered to design your own boards and your own pins. For example if you are a Travel Agents building your business profile you could considering creating some boards like ‘Essential Destinations 2017’, ‘Spring Getaways’, ‘The Best of Europe’, ‘Packing Hacks’, and ‘Travel Tips’. It is important to create boards that will engage your user.  Remember to use some of the keywords you found in your boards and you pins so that they can be easily discovered by your Pinner audience.

Pinterest Travel Boards

Filling your boards with creative and interesting content is vital. People come to Pinterest to discover new things visually. Content that is informative or engaging tends to work really well on Pinterest due to the fact the platform appeals largely to a Do-It-Yourself type of audience.  They want to learn creative new tips and tricks, and follow fun step by step guides.
Pinterest on Mobile
One thing that is important to remember is that customers love to feel valued and connected with their brands. You can do this on Pinterest by engaging with some of the content your audience shares. Another great way to do this if you are a local business is to build boards and pins that relate to your local community. Sticking with the Travel Agents example, if you are based in Dublin you could create boards showcasing ‘Places to Visit in Dublin’ or ‘Best Beaches in Ireland’, simple boards like this that can really appeal to and engage your local audience.

Once you’ve built a solid profile and a decent following you can start to think about using some of the different features that Pinterest offers – like Rich Pins.


What are Rich Pins


Rich Pins are a great way to give your audience more information about the products in your pins. There are different types of rich pins that you can use; each one offers your audience more information and a way to interact with it.  Adding Rich Pins needs a bit of background set up, learn all about that here.

Types of Rich Pins: Rich App Pin on Pinterest


  • App Pins

    Make it easier for your audience to get your app by adding an install button to your pins, allowing users to download and install iOS apps straight from Pinterest.


  • Article Pins

    Allow your followers to easily create reading lists. Article Pins include details like a headline, the author and a story description so that they can go back and read stories they’re interested in.

  • Product Pins

    These pins let your audience find out more information about a product that they might be interested in buying. They include details like   pricing, availability and where to buy.

  • Recipe Pins

    Give your audience all the details they need to know to make a certain recipe, this includes the ingredients, cooking times and serving information.

Using Rich Pins with Promoted Pins can have some great results for your business on Pinterest.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins have just been launched in Ireland, after a long wait advertising on Pinterest in now available for the Irish Market. This is really exciting as it means that there are new opportunities for businesses to engage with their social audience in a new environment and in new ways.

What are Promoted Pins? 

Promoted Pins are just like regular Pins, only you pay to have them seen by more people and reach an audience you define. It’s just like how you might post an image to your Facebook Page, the people who already follow you will see it but what about the people who don’t follow your page or could be really interested in your business but haven’t discovered you yet. On Facebook to find these audience members you set up social advertising campaigns. Now you can do this with Pinterest, except instead of creating a new advertisement you use a Pin that you have already created. This Pin will live on your profile forever but will only be promoted for the time you have specified, allowing both organic discovery and targeted discovery. Promoted Pins look exactly like regular Pins, but if you look closely you can see Promoted By in bold underneath the Pin.


Promoted Pins on Pinterest


Essentially they are native ad units that perform like organic Pins, helping people discover your business and save your ideas. Promoted pins are great for seasonal content, time-sensitive material or anything that you need to drive more drive attention to. With Promoted Pins you can target your audience based on their location, demographics, devices and  their interests.

Promoted Pins Campaigns

There are three different types of Promoted Pins campaigns to choose from:

1.  Awareness
2.  Engagement
3.  Traffic

Pinterest Campaign Types

Awareness Campaign

An Awareness Campaign is built to do just that, drive awareness for your brand and reach new people. By defining your audience you can target people that you think would like your content, your pins and your business. Since Pinterest is used for discovery and pinners are actively seeking new ideas and interest, Pinterest is the ideal platform to showcase yourself to new prospective clients. Awareness campaigns are charged on a CPM basis.

Awareness campaigns should tell a story for your brand and capture your audience’s attention. There are lots of different ways that you can use Pinterest to do this. Start by using a compelling image, without a good creative that will stand out you won’t get noticed, longer images tend to look best on Pinterest! Pinners focus on the visuals, not everyone will take the time to read your description so make sure your image is captivating. Even though not everyone will take the time to read your description they’re still really important because some Pinners will. Use detailed descriptions to draw tour audience in, you have 500 characters to do this with. Remember to be unique, Pinterest is a place for discovery and innovation, being different is great.

Engagement Campaign

An Engagement Campaign, use this campaign to interact with your audience and encourage them to engage with your brand on Pinterest. Engagement campaigns also let you monitor and track your audience members signals of intent. When someone clicks on your pins or even re-pins them it shows their keen interest and how they are considering your pin for a future project or for purchase. Engagement campaigns are charged on a cost per engagement basis, be that clicks, re-pins or close ups.

To improve engagement with your pins focus on a single product, don’t use overly cluttered images. Pins that focus on one element tend to lead to more close ups, more engagements and more saves. Showing your product in a real life setting also works really well, it will let your audience visualise it in their own surroundings. Rich Pins work really well for engagement; they give your audience the extra details they need without being cluttered. Engagement campaigns works best if you engage your audience use images that show your audience how to use your product with step by step guides and tutorials.

Traffic Campaign

A Traffic Campaign is used to drive traffic from Pinterest back to your website. These campaigns should be used to encourage Pinners to take action on your site, whether that be buying a product or reading your blog. These campaigns help to build strong relationships with you audience not only on the Pinterest platform but outside of Pinterest as well. These campaigns should encourage users to use your products in new projects. Traffic campaigns are charged on a cost per click basis, the clicks being to your business’s website.

To increase clicks and drive traffic back to your website for sales use images that contain multiple products to showcase different things your audience can buy. Don’t get too carried away with this you don’t want your pins to look messy, limit it to four products or four images stacked on top of one another. Again showing your product in a real life setting will encourage users to take action. Descriptions can give your audience great details about your product, if the image is struggling to convey the message alone consider using text overlays to add more context.



Quick Tips for Promoted Pins Pinterest-Mobile-Promoted-Pin


  • Branding is important, remember to use your logo but use it tastefully, a small watermark can lead people to your brand without being over-bearing.
  • Your Images are the Most Important feature of your Promoted Pins. Pinners may not take the time to read all of your text, but a compelling high quality image will grab their attention.
  • Using vertical aspect ratio for Pins can have great results, the ideal aspect ratio is 2:3 – which is 600 pixels wide, 900 pixels long.
  • Celebrate your uniqueness and novelties, Pinterest is built on the discovery of new ideas – so be new and different.
  • Try to limit the amount of text on your image. Only use text overlay when the image doesn’t provide enough context on its own. Remember you have 500 characters in your description.


Pinterest as a platform is constantly growing in popularity and can only continue to develop with the introduction of advertising on Pinterest. Promoted Pins open a world of opportunities for businesses in Ireland to engage with their audience in new and effective. At Sing! we are passionate about all things social, with our campaign management software we can effectively manage and run campaigns from all of your social platforms in one place. Our One View dashboard will allow you to compare your performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Discover how to optimize your campaigns across all of your social networks. Contact us today!

If you are interested in Promoted Pins, Marketing on Pinterest or Social Media Marketing request a free consultation today or feel free contact our expert team at Sing!

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