For years we have worked closely with different types of partners who all have shared a common goal: deliver outstanding results

At Sing!, we have an experienced, certified and award-winning team of digital marketers specialising in PPC, Paid Social and Display. With a senior management team with over 50 years in digital media, we offer a unique blend of strategists and tactical masterminds.
We will bridge any skills, knowledge and technological gaps you may have.

In the process you’ll upgrade your own knowledge and skills giving you greater confidence to succeed online.

Why a Partner

Why Partner with Sing! Talent shortage

Talent shortage

Why Partner with Sing! - Costly in-house resource

Costly in-house resource

Why Partner with Sing! - Lower risk

Lower risk

Why Partner with Sing! - Cover Knowledge Gaps

Knowledge Gaps

Why Partner with Sing! - Expand your service offering

Expand your
service offering

Why Partner with Sing! - Win and retain more business

Win and retain
more business

Why Partner with Sing! - Additional revenue stream

Additional revenue stream

Why Partner with Sing! - Improve Response Times

Response Times


Our direct client service sees us work very tightly with clients.

We will work with you at your offices or participate in regular calls each quarter.

We understand that plans and priorities are in flux and we know that we can only be truly effective if we are in step with you.

Being present, having feet in the camp, will help us derive insights quicker and see the bigger picture. This will keep us on track and fully aligned with the business’s objectives.

It will also help us spot roadblocks sooner and allow us to provide more of a bespoke service customised to your needs rather than a more general one.

Deeper immersion in the business will provide better insights, greater alignment and speed, all essential characteristics of an effective relationship.



For years we have worked closely with marketing and media partners who have strong client relationships but lack specialist digital skills. These partners are active in many areas such as PR, web development and traditional media planning. We operate as an extension to their teams providing them with a dedicated digital resource.

Our working together will deepen your relationship with clients helping you win and manage larger budgets and oversee more integrated campaigns.

We can provide a white label service which sees you manage the client relationship entirely or we can assist you in a transparent capacity linking in with clients on a needs basis.



Publishers are looking to consolidate and future-proof the relationship they have with their advertisers. Some want to offer digital marketing services to complement the traditional advertising services they already offer.

They are aware that their clients are digitally savvy and are already investing in online advertising. Rather than compete with the digital giants, there is a role for media owners who have long standing, trusted relationships with their clients.

Media owners can be media advisors, helping their clients navigate the digital world to make the best possible advertising investment decisions. The truth is that for many clients, the best advertising solution includes both traditional media and digital media.

Sing! is here to work with publishers to help them advise their clients. This expanded publisher service will place media owners at the centre of their clients advertising plans. Our involvement will compensate for any skills, knowledge and technological gaps that currently exist .

In the process, publishers will upgrade their own knowledge and skills, helping them win new clients, manage larger budgets and generate more income.


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