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Helping clients grow is what motivates us.
Having clients thank us for helping them on their growth journey gives us great satisfaction and pride.
We hope to keep you all happy and successful in 2020.

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In 2019, our year on year performance across our client base (new and existing)
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The average Sing! client enjoyed a 58% year on year increase in Sales in 2019 from a 13% increase in spend.
Sing! Digital Marketing Agency Strategy
The average Sing! client enjoyed a
48% increase in ROI
in 2019 compared to 2018.
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For every €1 spent in 2019 by a Sing! client, they generated almost
€8 back in Sales.
Sing! Marketing Agency Dublin - Lee Thompson

" 2019 was a coming of age year for the team at Sing! in relation to the performance of clients under management. The year marked the highest growth rate in sales since the company was founded and biggest year on year increase in ROI.
We deepened the relationship with most of our clients which saw us in many cases move from single service assignments to
multi-service contracts. "

Lee Thompson
Strategy Director, Let’s Sing Limited

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