Welcome to the first blog in our series of ‘Case Studies 2019’ – our first challenge was marketing a festival and learning all about the world of Music Festival Marketing.



So how do you learn the art of music festival marketing?

The brief presented to us was for a music festival aimed at an older audience taking place in the summer. The challenge was to increase brand awareness for the festival and improve ticket sales performance from the previous years. The festival had a high proportion of return visitors from previous years that they wanted to maintain and build upon. Almost 75% of visitors in 2018 were return visitors from previous years.


Working with Sing! was the festival’s first foray into digital advertising having previously used more traditional advertising methods such as radio and print.



The campaign strategically ran from February to July in the lead up to the festival. The plan was to achieve maximum return while only using 3 platforms. Targeted advertising was to be run on Facebook and Instagram which would promote the festival’s many unique selling points such as the headliners, the food, the family element and line-up.  Google Search was planned to increase demand and convert through campaigns.

music festival advertising

Festival Creatives:

Across Facebook, video ads, carousel ads and boosted posts were used. Festival posters highlighting the headliners were used as well as a professional video footage taken from the festival’s previous year. These high quality creatives were a tremendous asset. We used Boosted posts to elevate the status of a well maintained Facebook page with lots of festival information. Having a Facebook page with a strong history of consistent content posting helps encourage previous attendees to purchase new tickets when they’re released

Google Search used branded search ads and non-branded search ads.


Targeting a festival audience:

Targeting began broad to establish brand awareness before focusing in on re-marketing. As part of our broad targeting we targeted people who are interested in artists who were part of the festival line up, people who are interested in music festivals and similar interests. We used non-branded keywords as well as lookalikes. Lookalikes on Facebook created and reached new audiences who shared similar interests and activities as:

  • People who Add to Cart but don’t purchase
  • People who watch at least 95% of a video
  • People who’ve engaged with any of the Facebook ads or posts
  • People who like the Facebook page.


Re-marketing was our second main tactic and this sought to find people who previously showed interest in the festival to nudge them toward converting. Our specific strategy for re-marketing focused on:

  • People who add to cart but don’t Purchase
  • People who watch at least 95% of a video
  • People who’ve engaged with ads/posts
  • People who like/follow the Facebook Page
  • Branded Keywords


Key results:

In music festival marketing – results are where it really sings. Given that this was the festival’s first time using any digital advertising, the results were very strong. Some key statistics that show the extent of the success are …

  • Ticket Sales – Throughout the campaign, ticket sales increased by 47.7% year on year from 2018’s festival.
  • ROI – The return on investment delivered to the festival was 645%
  • Conversion Rate – our conversion rate across Facebook and Google Search came in at 1.34%
  • CTR – The official click-through-rate on Google Search came in at 10.14%
  • Reactions – Over 14K reactions generated on Facebook


Overall the results were very positive. The overall improvement in ROI and Conversion Rate came from the tandem of Facebook/Instagram’s engaging ads and boosted posts that have increased engagement and demand for the festival. Google ads captured the increase in search demand, which performed well.Music Festival Marketing Picture

Facebook had a direct sale ROI of 353.65%, with a conversion rate of 1.29% which is high for social for a big expenditure like festival tickets.  Regarding engagement, advertising for this festival has been very successful. Over the course of the campaign we noted the following engagement metrics:

  • 53,132 – 100% Video Plays
  • 14,316 – Reactions
  • 757 – Comments
  • 1,060 – Shares
  • 201 – Post Saves (Instagram)

Most importantly, this successful campaign shows the synergy of social and PPC when it comes to creating brand awareness, engagement and generating direct ticket sales.


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