Health Sector Talent Case Study

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Health Sector Talent Case Study.

Dublin October 2022 Job Fair.

The goal of the Dublin Job Fair digital campaign for Health Sector Talent was to attract high-quality relevant attendees specialising in nurses and midwives to attend the Healthcare Job Fair and in the process ensure a positive and productive experience for exhibitors who had come from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Canada with the aim of recruiting for their open positions that same day.


The Challenge:

HealthSectorTalent® also known as HST is an award-winning independent global healthcare resourcing solutions company working in partnership with leading employers and governments to help solve their recruitment challenges.

This campaign aimed to attract quality attendees to HST’s Dublin Job Fair via a free online ticketing system. The main challenge associated with the campaign was targeting a niche audience (namely, qualified individuals in the healthcare sector, such as registered nurses and doctors). The key metrics for this campaign were the number of registrations, cost per registration and cost per attendee. 


The Approach:

Sing! developed several different marketing tactics to ensure that the campaign would be a success and that the right audience would be reached through multiple digital platforms. As we are a performance-based company, our goal was to improve upon the CPA that we delivered last year. We designed a cross-platform campaign, aiming to engage healthcare workers using various media: display campaigns, social media and Google Ads, using UTM tracking to link registrations to the source of traffic. We established goals in Google Analytics to understand performance at an activity level and operated a fluid budgeting approach with performing activities receiving more budget. The campaign ran from 10th October 2022 to 21st October 2022.


Strategy and Tactics: 

This campaign was modelled on a similar campaign we ran on behalf of Health Sector Talent in 2021. Using the information, we’d learnt from the previous campaign and the various tools at our disposal, we succeeded in creating their most effective Dublin Fair to date.


Google Ads:  We optimised daily, varying ad copies, extensions, URLs, keywords, site links and calls-to-action to find the best-performing combinations. The campaign objectives were twofold: deliver a high number of medically qualified registrants at the lowest possible cost per registration possible, in so doing deliver a higher return on ad spend. To make this possible, the campaign was built to bid on high-converting keywords at the lowest CPC possible aggressively. Using our proprietary Demand-led Forecasting tool we were able to accurately predict impression share, conversion rate and ultimately registrations. 


Programmatic and social: We used hyper-targeted campaigns to ensure our budget was spent in the most precisely targeted way possible. We made use of first-party data, such as HST’s email database of previous registrants and attendees, which helped us reengage with candidates who were most likely to attend the event. We also used cookie data alongside unique login data to target people based on known behaviour across devices, without data loss. This allowed for message consistency and helped us to allocate our budget optimally as we were able to control frequency. Various retargeting and prospecting strategies across Facebook/Instagram and Twitter made sure we reached not only those who knew the brand but also those who were unaware of HST but were in the market for job change.


The Results:

  • A 32% increase in conversion rate
  • A 42% reduction in cost per registration
  • A CPC that was 4 times lower than the previous campaign.
  • A 15% improvement in CPM y on y.

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