Email Marketing

Why Choose Sing?

> Expert team of Email Specialists with over 12 years combined experience.
> Advanced knowledge of the most sophisticated tools and platforms.

Our Klaviyo Expert

Klaviyo is a leading email marketing platform that empowers businesses to build strong customer relationships through personalized and targeted email campaigns. With its intuitive interface, powerful automation features, and robust analytics, Klaviyo enables marketers to create highly customized email sequences based on customer behavior and preferences. 

From segmenting your audience to designing visually appealing emails and tracking key metrics, Klaviyo streamlines the entire email marketing process. With seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, Klaviyo helps drive sales and foster customer loyalty through automated, data-driven email campaigns. Experience the power of Klaviyo to optimize your email marketing strategy and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Sing! Email Services:

  • Comprehensive email marketing strategy.
  • Stunning visual templates.
  • Compelling email copy.
  • Integration with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.
  • Audience segmentation based on users’ behaviour to deliver the right email at the right time.
  • Creation of triggers, flows and autimations for new subscribers, abandoned carts, upsell, cross-sell and much more.

Why Invest In Email Marketing?

As the era of cookie-based targeting draws to a close, there is a commercial imperative for businesses to try and control more of their own marketing destiny. A key ingredient in that is the growth and development of your email marketing lists. Email sees the highest conversion, re-purchases and average order values of all the online marketing channels.

That’s why the best retailers rely on email for up to 15% of their online sales.

Unique Email Templates

Our email templates and designs are meticulously crafted to perfectly align with and amplify your company’s unique brand identity, ensuring every communication reflects your distinct style and captivates your audience effortlessly.

Empower your Business with Sing!

Leverage the power of email to reach your target audience, nurture customer relations ships and drive sales. 

Here at Sing! we have a stellar record in devising and executing high performing email programmes across all industry verticals.