The Objective:

Sing! works with a leading Irish retailer. Our client has a nationwide bricks-and-mortar presence in Ireland and a growing online retail website. Following a long history of successful online advertising campaigns with Sing!, the client approached us with a simple request; What else can you do for us? It was determined that availing of the Sing! SEO Services would be hugely beneficial to the retail client. The goals for the client were simple:

  • Become the #1 online reseller of their products in their industry
  • To drive greater organic traffic to the site
  • To improve their website’s rankings in Search Engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo

The Problem:

Using crawl data from SEO auditing Tools and Google Analytics, Sing! was able to identify a number of problems that were negatively affecting the site’s rankings in Search Engines. From our audit of the site, it was determined that the following factors were negatively affecting the site’s Search Rankings and resulting organic traffic.

  • Duplicate and Sub-optimal Meta Titles
  • Duplicate content issues
  • A sitemap which wasn’t dynamically updating, meaning parts of the site weren’t seen by search engines
  • Lacking in relevant external links
  • External links which were from banned/penalised websites

These are all important signals that search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use to determine rankings for webpages.

The Solution:

In response to the issues found by the audit of the site, Sing! set about implementing a number of measures including:

  • A site-wide optimisation of the site’s meta titles
  • Reducing duplicate content on the site
  • Performing a site-wide link detox

All of these measures, alongside consultation on the implementation of and the identification of link opportunities, would allow the client to rectify these issues and improve search rankings.

The Results:

The results from the measures implemented exceeded internal targets. The improvements to the site conducted by Sing! led to a significant improvement in rankings and in many cases, our client now ranks as the number one reseller for the top products in their industry. The improved search ranking for products they resell has inevitably led to increased organic search traffic coming from these product search queries.

A Year on Year comparison for the first six full months following our work revealed a 7.72% increase in organic traffic.

On an annualised basis, this 7.72% increase in organic traffic will lead to an additional 36,222 sessions, an additional €34,049 in transactional revenues and ROI 11 times greater than their original investment.

About Sing!:

Sing! is a strategic performance marketing agency which focuses on improving sales performance through digital channels.

Sing! is a professional team with deep roots in performance marketing through our sister company Insightful Media. With technology agnostic solutions, our greatest joy is to see businesses prosper from the correct application of digital marketing strategies.

Our highly dedicated team are specialists in their chosen fields and will work with you to create a personal, coordinated and valuable service through the likes of Strategic Planning, Website Audits, Retargeting, CRO activities, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media, Programmatic and Native Advertising.

Looking to get ahead of your competitors and drive greater web traffic to your website? Contact us or call +353 (01) 703 0416 to learn more about what Sing! can do for you!