Case Study

Sing! Case Study on sucessful integrated Digital Marketing Campaign for The Nightmare Realm 2017

Case study: The Nightmare Realm (Halloween 2017)

by | Jan 11, 2018

The key challenge for the Halloween 2017 campaign was to beat the performance benchmarks achieved by the previous year’s campaign. This entailed driving more sales at less cost and in the process delivering a much higher return on investment from the Nightmare Realm’s digital investment.

Strategy and Tactics

We created an integrated cross-device campaign, aiming to engage prospective customers across a variety of different ad platforms in a coordinated way: social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat), YouTube, AdWords and Programmatic Display. We used first-party data to engage previous years’ customers and as the basis for creating lookalike audiences. This campaign ran from September 1st through to November 4th.



For the AdWords campaign, we found that mentioning the price of the event in the ad copy significantly improved our click-through rate, and optimised our use of negative keywords in order to improve it even further. Our results for AdWords improved over the previous year’s benchmark in numerous areas, improving the client’s return on investment by 100% and AdWords sales by 343%.



For the campaign on YouTube, we aimed primarily to remarket to customers who had already demonstrated an interest in The Nightmare Realm and events similar to it, and targeted our campaign at horror-themed videos on the platform.


Our programmatic campaign (using both programmatic and programmatic native formats) focused specifically on mobile banners and MPUs, and alone generated almost 10% of the campaign’s total revenue.


We ran campaigns on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, focusing primarily on the latter two, using intelligent targeting to reach audiences in Dublin & Cork. A major focus of the campaign was to dramatically improve rates of cart abandonment. Here, we made use of new Facebook Canvas ads, Instagram stories and promoted tweets on Twitter.

This was one of our first campaigns using Snapchat as a marketing platform. We launched the Snapchat campaign on Friday the 13th, a deliberate choice due to the date’s strong association with Halloween, with accompanying special offers. Immediately after Snapchat launched, we saw new sessions increase by 30%, and we recorded more than 320,000 video views.


The Results

  • Total return on investment of 693%, almost 2.2x the return on investment for the previous year’s campaign
  • Return on investment for pay-per-click was more than double the figure for 2016
  • A 72% increase in revenue, compared to the previous year’s campaign

“The team at Sing! nailed it, delivering a very strong year on year uplift across all metrics – revenues, traffic and most importantly return on investment. They also introduced new ad formats and platforms to the campaign mix that helped us get our message out creatively and profitably to our target audience.

Niamh Murphy,
Owner, E-T-C (agent for The Nightmare Realm)