App Store Optimisation(ASO)

    What is ASO & Why your App needs it?

app store optimisation

In the world of search optimisation, marketers are well aware of the whale that is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. However, with more than 2.8 million apps flooding on play store & 2.2 million apps on App store there is a new form of art developing as the biggest block of mobile app marketing puzzle. Ever wondered why your app disappears after a few weeks on App stores? Or even if it exists, it’s way below than the other similar apps. The answer is ASO. ASO has been around for a long time, The history goes back to 2009 when Johannes Borchardt, an Android developer used the word app store optimisation first time publicly at Droidcon in Berlin, Germany on 3rd November 2009.  App store optimisation or ASO is the process of increasing visibility of your mobile app on app search engines like play store & app store. There is no rocket science behind understanding that the higher your app ranks, the more traffic it drives to your app and potentially more downloads.

So now that we have a basic understanding of what ASO is, let’s have a look at some of the facts and figures to understand the importance of App Store Optimisation.

Why is ASO Important?

The Facts:

1-    Search is the platform which contributes majorly towards the total number of app discoveries and downloads. According to a research, 60%  of the apps are discovered and downloaded by people searching for a particular keyword on the app store or play store.

2-    On an average people spend around 3.2 hours on their mobile phones. 90% of that time is spent on Apps. In short, App store optimisation is more important than ever to get that qualified traffic on your app.

3-    Active users search for an app quite frequently. But what is the frequency? Almost 50%(reference link will come here) of the active users search for an app once every week. Big Enough reason to start optimising your app for these active users.

4-    Is your app going to be visible in the app store? This is the biggest question you need to ask yourself if you are a publisher or a developer. 83% of the apps are filtered out from search results within one week of publishing. This means that your app becomes invisible within a matter of days and is not in the top 300 results on the app store. Focusing on key elements of ASO can help you in avoiding a fall into the zombie category.

Now that we know what ASO is & why it is an absolute necessity for your app, it’s time to focus on what are the key elements of app store optimisation and what needs to be done in order to get the visibility your app needs.

Key Elements

  • Keywords

This goes without even saying it. Keywords are the first and the most important factor when it comes to optimising your app for app stores. You know what your app does and you know what category it falls under. But do you know the right keywords you should use in the title or in the description of your app? If you don’t then the chances of your app being found are much less. To get your keyword game on point, do a thorough research on what are the high search volume keywords that people use to find an app like yours. Use these keywords in the name and description of your app. A clear example can be seen below. A search for war games brings this game on the top and clearly has “war” in the title and “war games” in the first line of description.

war games pm play store

  • App Logo

Just like in the old age of traditional marketing when logos were really important and created an image of the brand among consumers, the same principle is followed in the modern age of digital marketing. Your logo is the first impression of your app on the user. Make sure your logo in self-explanatory and fits the size perfectly.

  • Description

The description of your app is your chance to explain to users what your app does and why they should use it. Not to mention you need to have your keywords in the description too. Keep the description precisely about what your app does and how it helps the user. Mention the USP of the app and a CTA in the end. Eg: Download now for free. E.g.  A query for “racing games” yields this game as the top result. Below is a great example of how to write a good title & a description

  • Screenshots of the App

The screenshots of the app are a key element in providing a customer with an exact preview of how different pages of the app look like. It’s very important to provide users with a correct and interactive preview. Uber is a perfect example of this.


  • Competitor Research

It is very important to do a competitor research and find out what strategy your competitors are following. Take a close look at the keywords used by them, check these keywords for volume per month and the level of competition. If necessary, copy and use these keywords to optimise your app. Everything is fair as long as you are not copying the exact content.

  • User Reviews

User reviews play a big deciding factor in someone downloading your app or leaving the page altogether. In simple language, these reviews are the online word of mouth. Keep a close eye on user reviews as they can give a good insight into how you can improve your app. The app store gives more value to apps with more positive reviews and moves it up in the ranking on App stores.

  • App Size

Size of the app is a very strong factor in having a good or bad conversion rate for your app. An app with more than 100mb of size is not easy to download on 3G/4G connections and require a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to optimise the size of the app and create a lighter version which can be downloaded on slower networks.