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Sing! is an award winning digital performance marketing agency.
Digital can be complex and confusing and our guiding principle has always been to help clients do digital better. We offer clients media services such as PPC, Paid Social, Programmatic & SEO. However, we strongly believe that a focus on media alone does not suffice.
We provide strategic marketing advice to businesses. Ultimately, we care about profitable client growth and long-term client effectiveness.


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The average Sing! client enjoyed a 175% year on year increase in Sales in 2020 from a 31% increase in spend.

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The average Sing! client enjoyed a
132% increase in ROI
in 2020 compared to 2019.

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For every €1 spent in 2020 by a Sing! client, they generated almost
€11.70 back in Sales.

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Ads360 Approach

The Ads360 approach is Sing!’s proven approach to running effective digital marketing activity
for clients. It involves a series of sequential steps we take to ensure campaign success.


  This is by far the most thoroughly planned, executed, optimized and reported campaign. From complex cross-platform integration, monitoring and budgeting all the way to pixels, segmenting, innovative formats, strong increase on essentially all metrics, and a nearly 800% ROI, this campaign is a result of immaculate attention to each detail. The campaign also leveraged the visual nature of the event and used this for all the content and creative, which clearly paid of.

Digital Media Awards 2018 – Best Social Media for Event


(Current and Former)


Sing! Digital Marketing Agency Client Logos


Sing! Digital Marketing Agency Client Logos


Sing! Digital Marketing Agency Client Logos


Sing! Digital Marketing Agency Client Logos


Sing! Digital Marketing Agency Client Logos