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          8 Best SEO Techniques to Rank Better in 2018

Because we all love organic traffic!

We all know how time-consuming it is to go through hundreds of articles & blogs trying to identify that one “killer” SEO technique which will work wonders for your client or your own website. Unfortunately, there is no single factor that will shoot up your rankings & lead to a big uplift in your organic traffic.

Don’t worry though, we have done the research and we have run the tests. And we have shortlisted 8 major SEO techniques that we believe will work wonders for you in 2018.

1-    Content – There is nothing like a good piece of quality content to improve your on-page SEO. But how do you write quality content? What does quality content mean?

Quality content simply means how well you are able to answer the query of the user. Put yourself in their shoes and think of what they want from your website. If you are able to retain users for a long time on your website, that is a direct signal to Google that the content on your website is useful & in return, it will reward you with a more prominent ranking.

2-    Site Speed – If you are slow, you will not rank. There is a clear message from Google that websites which are faster and load under 4 seconds rank better than other slower pages.

A good way to check how fast your website loads is through GT Metrix. There may be many reasons as to why your website is slow. You can use the google page insights tool and paste the relevant URL and Google will tell you everything you need to know.

3-    URLs – The first thing search engines look at is your URL. Before creating a URL, make sure that you do thorough keyword research related to the product or service the page is about. You can do keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner or Moz’s keyword explorer. Once you find the most relevant high search volume keyword, use that in your URL. Make sure your keyword is reflected in the first 3-4 words as Google places greater emphasis on these. Keep the URL structure simple and under 75 characters. Check out below examples of good Vs bad URL structures.

Good – -Techniques-2018

Bad – -SEO-234-222

Avoid using alphanumeric numbers as these may be treated as spam URLs by Google.

4-    Meta Data– There has been a never-ending debate on whether Meta Data affects your Search Engine Ranking or not. Meta Data goes into the code of your website. Title tags, Meta descriptions, H1 & H2 tags etc. go into HTML head. What we see on websites is not visible to search engines, they read the code language, so whatever goes into the code of your website does affect your rankings.

It is important to write attractive & meaningful metadata as it also helps to increase the click-through rates. Make sure to start your tags and descriptions with the relevant keyword as that is the first thing a user sees on the search engine results pages (SERP’s)

Another trick that helps in improving click-through rates is using numbers in your title tags. A recent study has shown that people click more on titles that include numbers. Also, use words such as best, review, latest and 2018 in your title tags.

High clickthrough rates indicate that the content is relevant and addresses specific site visitor questions. Google, in turn, will reward this content.

5-    External Linking–  If you are not linking out to authority sites, you are probably losing out by not making Google aware of the topic of your website. External linking to an authority page directs Google to that page. However, if you are able to link out to a lot of authority pages which are related to the topic of your website, you make your website a Hilltop Hub. Google likes websites that are Hilltop Hubs & rewards them by moving them up in the SERPs. We would typically suggest putting 2-3 external links per 1000 words.

6-    Topic Cluster– Things in 2018 have moved on from the one keyword per page SEO technique to more of a topic focus approach. Search engines are now focusing more on semantic searches which are based on understanding user’s intent. Old SEO techniques like keyword stuffing are now easily flagged due to advanced systems such as latent semantic indexing. Therefore, it is important to focus on a topic and then break it down into narrower topics or pages.

7-    Interlink Pages– Each page on your website has a different page authority. Check for the pages which are low in authority & sitting on the 2nd or 3rd page in the SERPs. Now, find the page which has the highest authority and link it with the lower authority pages. This helps in passing link equity from one page to another. Also, doing this will help search engines to crawl your website much more easily.

8-    Getting Backlinks in 10 minutes – There is no denying the fact that backlinks are one of the most important factors in getting a good organic ranking. SEO experts around the world go to extreme lengths to get good backlinks. It was much easier to get backlinks back in the day. It was a simple trade of exchanging links. However, over time influencers have come on the scene and made it a business. You can spend days chasing them to get that all-important backlink but very often, unless you pay, you won’t get it.

However, what people don’t know is that they can get backlinks from Wikipedia as well. We will tell you how.

Note: This is an advanced SEO technique, If you are a beginner, you can skip this. If you have a business, ask your Digital Marketing Agency to perform it for you.

You know the major keyword & topic of your business. Simply find a page related to that keyword & look for any dead links. These dead links no longer exist and you can replace it with your link. Sounds easy right? Well, there is a little hurdle. It’s not easy to find a dead link. You can spend hours and you would not find any. However, there is a way you can find those dead links.  See below: [keyword] + “dead link”

And that’s it! You will find all the articles with dead links related to your keyword. Make sure the content on your page is related to the content on the Wikipedia page, otherwise your link very will be removed promptly.