Local SEO – Optimising Your Website for Local Business

What is Local SEO, and how can you start making it work for your business? This week’s Sing! Academy explores the fundamentals of getting your company or brand to rank highly in your geographical area.

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3 Signs Your Landing Page Copy is Leaving Visitors High and Dry

Are your PPC landing pages failing to convert, despite getting great traffic? Khalid Saleh explains why your landing page copy might be to blame – and how to fix it.
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5 Annoying Adwords Bugs Only the Pros Know

Whether you are new to Adwords, or if it is a regular part of your business, most can agree this powerful tool isn’t without its quirks. Todd Saunders lists the top five hiccups that marketers experience with Adwords

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Crafting the Perfect Social Posts (Infographic)

When posting to different social media websites, it is important to know what format works best for which platform. David Cohen shares the latest and up-to-date rundown on the biggest social sharing sites online today, and what features to consider when marketing your original content..

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5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Is your Facebook advertising not returning the numbers you hoped for? Blaise Lucey runs down the most common hangups when it comes to promoting your business through the Facebook advertising platform, and how to get your campaign back on track.

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Google Shopping and the Future of Ecommerce

In the coming months, Google Shopping will be making its debut in Ireland. Make sure your business is ahead of the curve! Tim Allen of Moz discusses the key features and benefits of this Google Application, and how it can change the way shopping is done online.

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