2016 will be another year where the sophistication and multiplicity of advertising options for marketers increase. At Sing we think that the following developments will present the greatest opportunities for businesses to prosper in 2016.

Programmatic As Normal 

Programmatic will continue to increase its share of all display advertising. This growth is being fueled by the addition of quality publisher inventory, wider deployment channels including native, better, bigger ad formats, and buying models that deliver greater control around price and placement for advertisers and publishers alike.

Data as a First Principle

Businesses are beginning to understand that their greatest business asset lies in their existing customer profiles. These profiles contain the DNA of future customers. This data, hidden in CRM and email databases, will ensure precision targeting, media efficiency and critically lend scale to businesses as they look to find new customers profitably.

Pervasive Video

Predictions vary but there is a consensus that over 80% of Internet traffic will be video by 2019. Visual streaming media tell stories far better than text. Furthermore, Google has indicated that in 2016 it will include video advertising within its SERP results. From businesses looking for an SEO advantage to advertisers looking for more powerful ways to harness search demand, video will be a game changer.

Mobile First

2015 will be remembered as the year Google released its “mobile first” algorithm effectively relegating websites that were not mobile or mobile optimised. It was also the year mobile traffic eclipsed desktop traffic in the US and elsewhere. This provides conclusive proof that publishers need to think mobile first when it comes to user experience and a tacit acknowledgement from Google that its commercial future is mobile.

Marketing Automation

Market smarter, not harder. We think marketing automation will really start to take root in 2016. There are untold opportunities and challenges in realising the potential of one-to-one marketing. Marketing automation is the empowering technology that enables personalised advertising. Use of it will allow businesses to become more efficient and more relevant in their marketing communications. The logic is straightforward, customers will no longer tolerate content that is not relevant to their interests or where they are in their customer journey, but rather expect every interaction they have with a brand to be personalised and helpful.

Help Is At Hand

To do marketing well requires help. Successful marketing combines the primacy of a great idea with kick ass data. On the data side, lowering technology costs have made digital marketing software, which helps make sense of data, a lot more accessible. Consider email that is customised based on user behaviour. Advertising that is bought based on the predicted value of a customer and the probable outcome of advertising to this customer. Creative that is right sized based on perfectly matching ad copy to a prospect’s needs. As marketers we must capitalise on these opportunities to reduce risk and deliver greater return. Digital marketing platforms provide the tools to do this, to personalise at scale. They don’t however remove the need for human intuition, creativity and strategic thinking. At least not in 2016!