Email Marketing from Start to Send

Email Marketing from Start to Send

On this week’s Sing! Academy, we take a look at the key fundamentals behind preparing a quality email marketing campaign for business. What are the design traits that no email should be without, and what poor practices may be preventing your emails from delivering?

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5 SEO Strategies for Social Media Before You Hit Publish


Is your social media content “snackable?” Josepf Haslam of Education Dynamics shares his secrets on how to make your social media content work to help you achieve your SEO goals. From optimising metadata to speaking spider, this is a fantastic article for anyone getting acquainted with the principles of SEO.
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12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy

Search Ads

What are Adword Extensions and what can they do for your PPC campaign? By adding valuable real estate to your PPC ads at no extra cost, ad extensions can be just the trick to make an ad stand out and generate web traffic more likely to convert.

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3 Types of Remarketing You Should be Trying

Vector devices

What is remarketing, and how to utilise it for optimum results? Brett Middleton gives his thoughts on how to use this practice to the best effect, and avoid common mistakes that have the potential to irritate or drive away audiences.

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Learn How to Take Your Digital Advertising Strategy Mobile

Phone by the water

What does a mobile advertising strategy look like? Joshua Nite discusses the growing necessity of delivering a seamlessly mobile experience for users. With more searches being made on mobile than desktop, these key points are vital for any modern business.

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6 Things to Know About Native Advertising

Dog with laptop

What is native advertising, and what is its impact on the market today? Catilin Burgess highlights the key points to know about this highly versatile new form of digital marketing. From what formats are most effective, to the biggest challengers marketers are currently experiencing when it comes to delivering numbers.

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