The Ultimate Guide to SEO-Friendly URLs (Infographic)

Are you using too many keywords? The URL for your website has a significant impact on how easy it is for search engines to locate your business. Brian Dean, CEO of Ignite Visibility gives his breakdown on the best practices to make sure that your website’s URL is doing everything it can to boost your SEO rank.

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Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26.2B in Cash

In a move to build out more services for enterprises, Microsoft has announced its purchase of the professional social media platform LinkedIn. For a network of approximately 433 million users, the company has paid out $196 per share for a total of $26 billion.

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11 Harmful Content Marketing Misconceptions and How to Fix Them

Where do you draw the line between content and quality? Is it possible to be promoting on too many social media platforms? Julie Gauthier discusses the most common roadblocks and pitfalls marketers experience when running a campaign – and what can be done to avoid them.

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The Many Benefits of Retargeting

“How do you make your business’s website visitors ready to buy?” Jaime Nacach gives an insider’s look on the benefits of retargeting advertisements – an increasingly popular practice of targeting advertisements to individuals who engaged with an ad, but did not end up making a purchase. More on how it works, and how it can help your business.

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4 AdWords Updates and Their Effects on Your PPC Campaigns

In the last few months, Google has announced new developments to improve their services across multiple platforms. How will these changes affect your ad campaign? From changes in the bidding process to adjustments in Google Maps, this article gives a comprehensive catchup and overview to all things new and upcoming in the world of Google Adwords.

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5 Email Marketing Tips You Should Already Know

Email marketing is a fast, cost-effective means to establish and nurture a 1:1 relationship with clients – when done correctly. This tried and true practice can walk a fine line between engaging and irritating your readers. Rehan Ijaz lists his top strategies to keep in mind when composing your email marketing campaign.

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7 Trends Changing How Companies Connect With Audiences

The internet is in a constant state of evolution, and the successful companies are the ones that can adapt to the latest trends. John Hall of Forbes gives his list of the top changing developments to look out for in the world of content marketing. What does the difference between Earned Media and Paid Media mean for audience engagement? Is Long-Form content worth the effort?

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